All our gaskets are accurately designed using the latest CAD software and are manufactured using a state of the art CO2 laser to ensure utmost accuracy, whilst staying environmentally friendly through a non-pollutant and zero waste cutting process.


At Powergaskets, we offer a total custom gasket design service. We will work with you to produce the gasket you require, whether that be a product you want to make for your business or be it a total one-off design, for example to suit a custom inlet.


Our custom gaskets have historically included:


  • One-off inlet manifold gaskets

  • Individual throttle body gaskets

  • Rocker cover gaskets

  • Custom plenum gaskets

  • Gaskets for inlet / turbo pipework

  • and more.


Need a custom gasket making, or want to colloborate on a gasket for a model we don't currently have available? Click here to contact us with your requirements. 


Whilst we specialise in thermal intake gaskets, we can also produce gasket type parts in an array of material including low heat transfer, high heat transfer, a variety of acrylics, etc.