1.8T (Large Port - AGU, etc) Thermal Intake Gasket

1.8T (Large Port - AGU, etc) Thermal Intake Gasket

Designed as a direct replacement for the OEM item, this thermal intake gasket will offer reduced inlet temperatures resulting in more power, together with a stronger, longer lasting and reusable solution.  
  • Details

    The large port 1.8T engine is fitted, as most commonly known, to the MK4 Volkswagen Golf and Audi A3 however the same block is also found in the likes of:

    MK4 VW Golf
    Audi A3
    Seat Ibiza Cupra
    Seat Leon
    Seat Alhambra
    Audi A4
    VW Passat
    VW Bora/Jetta
    and many more...

    To confirm you have the right gasket please check your engine code matches one of the following:

    AGU (most common)

    If your code doesn't appear above don't worry. It probably means you have the small port 1.8T engine fitted to later models (including the Audi TT). We also have this available.

    Can't find your engine code on your vehicle? Pop in to your local dealership and ask them to confirm it for you.

    Please confirm the right engine code before ordering as incorrectly ordered items may be subject to a restocking charge upon return.