Mk2 Clio 182 2.0 Thermal Intake Gaskets (select)

Mk2 Clio 182 2.0 Thermal Intake Gaskets (select)

Thermal intake gaskets available for both the plenum and manifold, designed and developed for use on the MK2 Clio 182 and 182 Trophy 2.0. The gaskets are a direct replacement for your OEM items. Also available are are optional fitment heat resistant washers to help reduce heat transfer into the plenum via the rear supporting bolts.

These gaskets work especially well when coupled with another popular modification of flowed/matched inlets - a popular choice as both can be fitted at the same time.

In addition as these gaskets are reuseable they are a popular choice as they doesn't require replacement for example when you come to remove and refit the plenum.

We recommend buying this using the selection of the full set which gives a cheaper combined price.
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    Suitable for all Mk2 Clio 182 2.0 16v Models.